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Sleek Treat Recap March 2019

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

A look back at our products for the "Spring Break" curation of Sleek Treat Subscription Box!

Products Featured

Monkfruit Sweetened Sugar-Free 55% Cacao Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

$8.53 / Each

11g Fat/Serving

13g Net Carb/Half Bar

SWEETENED with Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener (a blend of Monk Fruit Extract and NON-GMO Erythritol)

PREMIUM chocolate Arriba Nacional cacao beans

LIFESTYLE FRIENDLY: Keto, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo friendly

ZERO GLYCEMIC: friendly for diabetics

AWARDED: Gold Superior taste by The American Masters of Taste


Low Carb Classic Chocolate Bar


17g Fat/Serving

1g Net Carb/Bar

It’s Keto friendly, low carbohydrate and delicious. With pre and probiotics to keep things running smoothly you’ll be glad you discovered NORTI’s Low Carb Bar. Like all their products it’s got no added gluten, dairy or sugar making it vegan friendly and perfect for everybody.


Keto Pop Coconut


1.5g Fat/Serving

1g Net Carb/Lollipop

Keto Pops are the ultimate low carb snack! 

Formulated as the only Keto compliant coconut oil based lollipop specifically developed for a Long Lasting Guiltless Indulgence!







Cherry Almond Cake


14g Fat/Serving

3g Net Carb/Cake

Good news! Low-carb no longer means low-flavor, because all-natural Nush cakes are truly bursting with it. Nush Foods combined tart cherries and almond extract together to create cloud nine for your taste buds.


Double Dark Chocolate Protein Cookie


16g Fat/Serving

8g Net Carbs/Cookie

This flavor encompasses all the sweet greatness of the chocolate chip cookie but one-ups it by being double dark. Yes, it still has 10g of protein, 0g sugar, 9g fiber, vegan, keto, and non-GMO, plus free from dairy, egg, gluten, and soy. This cookie is made from organic house-made small-batch cashew butter, specialty monk-fruit-sweetened chocolate chips, and a super tasty blend of organic pea and brown rice proteins.


Vanilla Almond Stoka Bar


22g Fat/Serving

4g Net Carbs/Bar

More Krunch, Less Carbs! A fulfilling sugar free nutrition bar that is sweet and crunchy! Enjoy the low carb lifestlye with these clean ingredients all while maintaining energy. - 4g net carbs - 9 grams of protein - Clean Ingredients - No Sugar or Artificial Ingredients


Lion's Mane Elixir


0g Fat/Serving

1 Net Carb/Packet

It’s the pencil sharpener for the digital age - allowing you to be “on point” as you put your mind to the next task. Whether you’re writing your next best-seller, prepping for exams, or facing a deadline at work, our savory Lion’s Mane Elixir makes putting your nose to the grindstone actually smell pretty good. Additional ingredients include organic peppermint, rose hips, rhodiola root and hint of stevia.

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