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Happy New Year from Sleek Treat

We received an overwhelming number of orders for the 2020 Holiday Season and we have taken our responsibility to fulfill these orders with the utmost care. We accomplished the fastest turnaround we have ever achieved - despite personnel shortages and hiccups with the United States Postal Service we worked extra hard to get everyone their snacks. We completely sold out of our curation and posted these preview videos to show you what was inside.

Throughout the challenging COVID-19 Pandemic, for your safety we quarantining products received and individually wrapping each Signature Box / Mini Bag in cellophane (at no extra cost to customers) so that you or your gift recipient may unwrap and enjoy your goodies as soon as they arrive on your doorstep. You can rest assured with multi-layered protection.

We are working with Brand Partners to roll-out new offerings in 2021 and we appreciate the faith you have placed in our Company. Our Mission remains the same: we plan to bring a healthy low-carb sweet snacking smile to your doorstep every month and encourage healthy outcomes without compromising the flavor and quality of treats we send!

We wish that 2021 brings you and your family good health, prosperity, happiness and unity.

Cheers to Joy & Peace,

Alexandra Rosenzweig

Managing Director, Sleek Treat

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