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New Year, New Service, New You!

We're busy curating our latest snack collection. Sleek Treat Signature Box ships out January 21st! We're so excited to ring in 2019 with a brand new collection of newly discovered treats and customer favorites.

We have EXCITING NEWS: Sleek Treat Mini has officially launched and with it, we have expanded our service to include our most budget-friendly option.


No Added Sugar, Gluten Free Low Carb Snacks now come in all sizes to meet your lifestyle needs. Sleek Treat doesn't require a commitment - we only ask that you give us a try because we *know* you'll never want to go back to snacking on junk again. Our mission is to support your goals - whatever they may be.💙

✔️ If you want to diet to look & feel healthier but you don't know where to start - get started with our Sleek Treat Mini Bag or Signature Box. We curate innovative, premium goodies designed to support a healthy regimen. We're Diabetic and Keto-Friendly.💪 ✔️ If you're a busy mom and you're worried about feeding your toddler clean snacks that aren't packed with sugar, we got your back! Our Signature Boxes come with monthly themes and fun nutritional cards for all!👩‍👧‍👦 ✔️ If you're a college student and you don't have time to go shopping at all the niche health stores - get crackin' on those classes and have your snacks show up to your door! 📚

🎇 2019 is a time for change, not excuses. Wishing you nothing but wellness in the coming year. 🎁

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