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Introducing Sleek Treat Mini!

It’s World Diabetes Day and we’re ready to unveil what we’ve been working so hard to bring you.💙

Life is hard enough, so let us curate Low Carb, Diabetic-Friendly and Gluten-Free snacks on your behalf. Just sit back and wait for the goodie bag to arrive at your door. 🚪😍 🍫

We know that healthcare is expensive for many within the United States and we’re committed to bringing you access to Low Carb snacks that are good for you at every price point. We hear all too often “I love your service but can’t afford it” so we are committed to doing the best we can to make sure nobody is left out. 🙏😍 Our Mini service will pack as many snacks as will fit in the bag for $15 a month! 🤩 Our Signature Monthly Box 🎁will still contain exclusives, lots more goodies and the nutritional info card but we want you to have options that suit your lifestyle! 💙

As a company, we firmly believe that being *Good* is the best thing we can do. We’re working hard to help you snack conscientiously and being your preventive healthcare partners to improve health outcomes.🌿

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