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BHU Fit Cookies - Double Dark Chocolate

If you haven't tried the BHU Fit Double Dark Chocolate Cookies, you're missing out.

If you like Chocolate Chip, you'll LOVE the extra-chocolate packed Double Dark flavor!

The depth of flavor in these cookies coats your mouth with a fudgey chocolate and you'll feel full after eating just one. The protein packed inside will satiate your hunger and curb your cravings so you can feel good & eat your cookie too!

This flavor encompasses all the sweet greatness of the chocolate chip cookie but one-ups it by being double dark. Yes, it still has 10g of protein, 0g sugar, 9g fiber, vegan, organic, keto, and non-GMO, plus free from dairy, egg, gluten, and soy. This cookie also features BHU FOODS' organic house-made small-batch cashew butter, their specialty monk-fruit-sweetened chocolate chips, and a super tasty blend of organic pea and brown rice proteins.

Bhu Fit Cookies cookies contain no artificial sweeteners, sugar, soy, dairy, eggs, wheat, or GMOs!


16g Fat/Serving

8g Net Carbs/Cookie

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